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Advertising Balloon
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

advertising balloons for car dealerships

advertising balloons for car dealerships

Highest quality, most economical reusable advertising balloons for car dealerships. Our polyurethane helium balloons use much less helium than other advertising balloons.

Advertising Balloons for Car Dealerships

Made in USA advertising balloons for car dealerships! Call 1-800-474-STAR for the highest quality. most economical reusable helium advertising balloons for car dealerships.
Email: for more information on polyurethane advertising balloons and advertising

“When the balloons go up, sales go up!”
General Manager Honda, Pontiac-GMC
Our polyurethane balloons and blimps weigh, on average, 67% less than comparable size helium balloons made of PVC or nylon. What does that mean for you? Much better performing balloons and blimps using our polyurethane made productsYou will use a fraction of the helium to fill and maintain your helium balloons and blimps.

Reusable, Economical helium advertising balloons with logo Lighted Advertising
This 5.5ft helium balloon only needs 87 cubic feet of helium and will fly much better than 7.0ft balloons made of PVC. You can save hundreds of dollars in helium costs by switching to polyurethane balloons and blimps Today! Polyurethane balloons and blimps lose, on average, 1% of their helium each day as compared to 3% for PVC balloons and blimps.

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