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Friday, December 21, 2012

Key Facts To Know Before Renting A Searchlight
Promotional searchlights are by far the best way to promote a nighttime event. They provide both distance marketing as well as create an atmosphere of excitement. There are a few things you should be aware of before contacting a searchlight rental company. Below are key facts you should know before renting a searchlight.  Below I’ll outline the facts as questions and give the answer and then follow up  on the correct answer.
1. What type of weather is best for using searchlights?
a). Clear night sky.
b). Partly cloudy sky.
c). Heavy clouds.
The right answer is B. Although searchlights work great in any of the above scenarios, partly cloudy skies are the best and here is why. The lowest clouds form at just over one mile in the sky. Good quality searchlights can produce beams that are over 6 miles long. Partly cloudy conditions are usually formed from cloud types that form lower in the atmosphere.  Because the light beam is six miles long, the beams can easily reach the clouds. When the beam hits the clouds it actually lights up the part of the cloud it hits. This causes a really cool affect. You would thing that heavily clouded nights would make this an even cooler affect. It does, but the heavier clouds also disperse the beam a bit more, which slightly detracts from the distance a promotion  factor.
2. How far away can the beam of light be seen?
a. 1 mile away.
b. 3 miles away.
c. 25 miles away.
 This is a bit of trick question. All three are correct. Any decent searchlight should be able to be seen a minimum of 3 miles away. There is a three mile radius around any event that is critical for promotional purposes. If you rent a searchlight that cannot at a minimum produce a beam viewable 3 miles away, then you have likely wasted your money.  You should not expect such results from standard searchlights. On average the light beam produced by a promotional searchlight can be seen from 3 to 12 miles away. And, when the conditions are right they can be seen as far away as 15 miles.
3. How much does it cost rent one promotional searchlight.
a. $100.00 a night.
b. 500.00 a night.
c. $1000.00 a night.
If you chose “b,” then you are correct. On average promotional searchlights can cost between $350 and 600 dollars per night. Yes, you can rent them for as little as $100 dollars a night, you get what you pay for. Besides, they are not really searchlights but theatrical spot lights that have been repackaged. If you rent those you will be disappointed.  Last, There is one type of searchlight that cost $1000 a night, a refurbished WWII searchlight. It is unlikely that you will need such a big promotional light.
As long as you understand that a decent promotional searchlight can work very well in just about any weather, its beam should be viewable at least 3 miles away and should not cost more than $600 a night, then you are well ahead of the game.
 Star Advertising. We hope you have enjoyed reading it. Good luck with your event.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Big demand for outdoor balloons

Big demand for outdoor balloons
Most advertisers are now well aware of the fact that the conventional advertising vehicles like TV, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, etc., just do not work anymore. People are not at all responsive to advertisements in these media. Plus, it costs a fortune to advertise in conventional media and if people are not going to watch the ads after so much money is spent, it just makes no sense at all to advertise in such media.
But with giant balloons, it is a different story, people just love looking at these balloons and will do so whether they are, working at home or in the office, playing or walking in the park, driving by, etc.

Outdoor Balloons Get You Noticed!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are Advertising Inflatables Great for These Economic Times


Are Advertising Inflatables Great for These Economic Times

Advertising Balloons – are in the sky
One of the great and amazing aspects to advertising inflatables is that you can get them tailor made to meet the needs of your company.
Spending on advertising?
When times are tough, such as the tough economic times we live in, it is but natural for people to cut back on spending. Then perhaps, this is not such a wise decision to make, if you are running a business – big or small, it does not matter. Fact is, successful business owners know that this is a good time to invest and make their business grow.
You must understand that when you are spending money on an advertising campaign, you cannot really consider it to be an expense or a waste of money. In fact, you are making a wise investment and the more you advertise, the more money you will make.

Inflatable Advertising Get Big Results!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Get More Customers Using Advertising Inflatables

Get More Customers Using Advertising Inflatables
How to attract customers using advertising inflatables to promote the business.
Every individual doing business today don’t know the right and exact way to promote the business to next. So in this article here we are going to see how to attract customers using advertising inflatables. Attracting the attention of potential customers is one of the most important things when they are trying to market products or services of your company. You will attract customers like bees in a hive only if your advertising is done correctly. Nothing may be attracted to its more than inflatable customer of advertising response.

How to get everything you expect using advertising inflatables.
You can promote your products through various means of advertising, but you need to be very sure that it is able to reach your target audience. Sometimes you spend a lot of money on expensive means of promoting and end up with less than you expected.
The most exclusive and constructive of grabbing the attention of your customer is through these inflatables.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Advertising blimps are big

Advertising blimps are big
In such a competitive market, when you want your brand to be noticed, it is very tough to do so. Unless you make use of an innovative advertising medium such as giant blimps!

These giant balloons have proved to be a big for big and small business owners as people are just attracted to them like flies to honey. Whether you own a big company or whether you are a small owner, whether you are selling cars or whether you are selling burgers, these giant blimps have the power to pull people to your business by getting their attention. No matter what your business and no matter what your location, you can bet your bottom dollar that

Friday, May 11, 2012

Breakwater Marine in Everett Washington knows how reach there customers.

 Giant balloons  and Inflatables  can be more effective than traditional marketing.
Breakwater Marine in Everett Washington knows how reach there customers.

There are a few things one should know about their large inflatables however. There are a lot of organizations that offer a lot of large inflatable’s, but there are very few organizations, who efficiently offer such a lot of of solutions, that you are sure to get exactly what you have been looking for.
Take the level of resistance of your large inflatables against sunshine or water for example. Giant inflatable’s that is not developed to hold up against the increased quantity of UV light and moisture in the air, will definitely not last long enough to make the unique mark-up in your organizations revenue that you at first developed. Use our made in the USA giant balloons for the best results!
Although the number is very small, there certainly are some organizations that offer a lot of of elements and elements, among whom you can quickly select between the best option that will guarantee your advertising enduring affect by not quickly sacrificing their distinct colors eventually. Given the advertising variety that you yourself figure out, you will be delivered the tethers to keep the large inflatable’s in place, the necessary fan system that will offer perfect performance throughout the estimated period, and all the other requirements. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grand Opening I-5 Uhlmann RV

Balloons are a great way to make your business more visible as well. If you happen to live in a crowded neighborhood, directing people to the giant inflatable purple monkey might prove to be a little bit easier that trying to give them your street address. Keep in mind though that while one or two matching balloons of reasonable size can be fun and appropriate, too many and you start to look silly. Minimize your use of advertising balloons to one or two, and only use them if you aren’t trying to maintain a highly sophisticated business air. With the right use of giant balloons, you may see an increase in your business volume, and new customers may come in to see what’s going on, now that you’re company looks more fun and inviting that ever before.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Star Advertising Balloons and Searchlights: Giant Advertising Balloons POSH PAW

Star Advertising Balloons and Searchlights: Giant Advertising Balloons POSH PAW: Giant Advertising Balloons  POSH PAW      Advertising on giant hot air balloons is fast becoming the best and most spectacular form ...

Giant Advertising Balloons POSH PAW

Giant Advertising Balloons  POSH PAW     
Advertising on giant hot air balloons is fast becoming the best and most spectacular form of publicity available. A giant advertising balloon as a public relations tool, there can be no other choice that is as effective when organizing events and conventions . Using a giant advertising balloon can provide you with a unique opportunity to be able to relate with clients and to be able to put your relationship with them up to a unique start.

The uses for an advertising balloon are very broad. A giant advertising balloon can be an excellent addition to your existing marketing campaigns . Using this unique promotional method will be able to set your company apart as a leader in innovation and creativity. You must realize that the farther that your business or event is being seen, the more customers you can reach. Using a unique method of advertising like a giant advertising balloon would most likely attract them to your products .
Giant advertising balloons can be seen for several blocks and can even be seen up to three miles away. It is just like having your own floating billboard but with more attractive power. As compared to billboards, giant advertising balloons are far cheaper to use and they are not fixed in just one place like billboards so you may be able to use them from another location.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Advertising balloons

Advertising balloons have tremendous benefits and that is why they are so popular. Advertising balloon are quite a common sight all over the globe today. But what is it that makes these huge balloons so very popular.
Can be seen all over
These balloons are primarily used by advertisers and marketers for promotional purposes and this is why these balloons can be seen in many public places like gardens and malls. The strong point of these balloons is that you just cannot “NOT SEE” them as they are so huge and brightly colored – and they have messages and images on them that are definitely BIG attention grabbers.

Most companies – big and small – make use of these balloons to bring about an awareness abut the product or service that they have. This kind of advertising form is good for products and services that are well established in the market, as well as new products and services – brand launches as they are called!
What’s so very special about advertising balloons?
Most small and big advertisers and marketers, get their slogan, message or logo printed on these gigantic balloons. These printed balloons make excellent advertising and they are very commonly used all over the world for product launches, promotional campaigns, awareness programs or even for the purpose of advertising or promoting an event.
The first thing that advertisers do when thy buy or rent these huge balloons is – inflate them to about 75% of their capacity. After this, they get the printing done on them. There are many ways in which this printing can be done today. But in most cases, when small and medium sized balloons are being used, the printing is done on them by making use of silk screens. Another good option to print these balloons is off-set printing.
Getting your message across in the right manner
When companies advertise or have promotional campaigns, it is important that they get their message across in a strong way, but also, in a way that is very attractive. These balloons are placed by marketers and advertisers in all kinds of places – rooftops, high rises, open places, etc. In this way, these huge balloons loom large over the ground and people cannot help but notice them.
Also, these huge balloons are a very cost-effective method of advertising and they are definitely good value for money. Most new companies will make use of these advertising balloons to get their logo recognized by people. It is even possible to get the logo or message printed on 5 sides and that is why these giant balloons are so great for advertising.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


We had one of our Searchlights stolen Friday night. From a Grand Opening at Yogart Land in Redmond wa.
If you see this Searchlight please call my cell at 206-595-3008 or call the Redmond Police.

Thank You

Friday, February 24, 2012

Advertising Inflatables can boost your business!

Using advertising inflatables can boost your business!
Advertising inflatables offer a convenient, cost-effective way to maximize your sales or advertise your event. From helium blimps, inflatables and balloons to earth-based dancing balloons, inflatable advertising is the serious business-owner’s best choice.

Giant Advertising Balloon at Oroweat Bakery
Visibility: People notice giant inflatables, period. They’re colorful, fun and play in the breeze. Your message attached to an inflatable gets noticed, too! Whether it’s an advertising blimp in the sky above your business or a dancing inflatable placed in front of it, your business is instantly attractive to everyone who can see it.
Cost: compared to the cost of traditional print media advertising (newspapers and magazines), advertising inflatables are simply superior when one considers that an inflatable can be reused many, many times over.
Versatility: there are unlimited ways to utilize an inflatable, whether using a stock form (Valentine’s hearts, animals, flowers, etc…) or a custom one. Virtually any logo or product can be reproduced: your design can be realized!
Ease of use: inflatables can be rented for same-day advertising or, once produced, can be set up in a matter of minutes, allowing immediate exposure for your business or event.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Inflatable Rentals Can Help

How Inflatable Rentals Can Help
Your Business
For businesses, the problem in expanding their customer base is never that they have no more potential patrons.  There are always potential customers to be reached.  The problem lies in reaching them-- reaching them in a unique way, and reaching them in an effective way.  But how a business reaches out needs to be creative, or it will be lost in the sea of advertising potential customers encounter every day, all day.  Inflatable balloon rentals are the perfect answer to this advertising problem.

Using a Giant Inflatable
Inflatable balloon rentals are one of the best forms of advertising.  Their unique shapes do a wonderful job of attracting local, unreached customers.  Inflatable rentals are a great option for seasonal sales or short-term promotions as they provide a large canvas on which to hang a banner.  People are used to seeing flat billboards and signs hanging on storefronts, but a large, professional sign hanging from a large, moveable structure that can be set up close to the road is eye-catching and an unusual way of showcasing a message.  A giant inflatable quickly spreads the word in your company about your business’ expertise in a visual way.  People talk about things that are big and unusual.  Giant inflatables are just that.  And because they are available for rent, it means little money needs to be invested before a return on that investment is seen in the form of new customers noticing a company’s location and walking through its doors in search of their services and goods.
Why Balloon Shapes?
Choosing to rent a giant inflatable custom balloon shape may be even more beneficial to business.  While balloon rentals may have quite a few options to choose from, unless a giant inflatable dinosaur, magician, or hotair balloon, the very best choice may be to have custom balloons shapes made that directly correspond with your business’ product or service.  A giant hotair shape balloon is head-turning, but a large coffee cup, house, animal, grocery bag, or whatever your business is in the business of doing, creates a greater impact on potential customers because it communicates more and communicates precisely.  As previously mentioned, from these balloon shapes, businesses can hang a custom banner or sign.  This means that the message of the giant inflatable can change without losing its effectiveness or uniqueness.  As sales and seasons change, the wording attached to custom balloon shapes can change as well, while the backdrop, the iconic giant inflatable remains the same, creating continuity in a business’ advertising campaign.
End Goal: Promotion Marketing
Star Advertising inflatable balloon rentals are a method of promotion marketing that are very cost-effective, practical, and complete with a lot of “bang for your buck”.  Good promotional marketing is about broadcasting a clear, helpful, concise message.  It is about giving potential customers as much information through as many forms of visual communication (picture, text, color, font, etc), without them feeling overwhelmed.  Giant inflatables are perfect toward this end because they are a visual message crammed with information.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seattle Sky Line Rent Searchlights And Spotlights

Own The Seattle Sky Line Rent Searchlights And Spotlights

Rent searchlights to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your event or promotion.
Nighttime events are hard to promote. In cities like Seattle, where there is a lot of night life, lots of bars, restaurants, night clubs and special events competing for your customers, you have to have a way to stand out.
You have to have a way to get noticed and tell people that your event is where they should be. Searchlights, are known by a lot of different names, sky spotlights, sky beams, skytrackers, batman lights, Hollywood lights and host of other names used to describe “those lights in the night sky.” No matter what you call them, searchlights are the best and most cost effective way to get your nighttime event or promotion noticed.
With Promotional searchlight rentals you can own the night sky over your next nighttime event, in Seattle. People for miles around will see the six mile long beams of light and know something cool and fun is happening. The movement of the spotlight beams will break through the Seattle skyline, get you noticed, attract curiosity seekers, and pinpoint the exact location of your event or special promotion.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Inflatable Advertising And Balloon Promotions Work

Why Inflatable Advertising And Balloon Promotions Work
Although cold air inflatable advertising products can be used indoors, they are most often used for on-site outdoor advertising. Products such as giant balloons, air dancers, and helium spheres, pinpoint the location of your business or event and help it standout from the crowd. Inflatable advertising will attract the attention of thousands of people passing your location.

Balloon advertising both compliments more traditional advertising, by reinforcing current advertising campaigns, and reaches out to a segment of potential customers that other types of simply can’t reach – those that are walking, driving and shopping near you. It makes sense that the most likely customers for your business are those that are walking, driving, and shopping near it!