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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Are you ready for Halloween?

Are you ready for Halloween?

Don't let your sales come back to haunt you! Advertise your business or promote your next event with Star Advertising Halloween themed products. or

Friday, September 22, 2017

Searchlight Rentals For Fall Events

Searchlight Rentals For Fall Events

In order for fall events to be considered successful, lots of attendees for the entire duration are needed. Sometimes, even when an event is well-organized, it can fail because of poor advertising and marketing. A searchlight for rent can help organizers strategically market the event and draw the attention of passers-by.
Searchlight rentals for fall events are xenon lights that are capable of being seen for miles at night. These light beams are a very convenient, creative and cost effective way to make the event known to people in the area. They also add a festive atmosphere, showing attendees that your business think outside the box.

In addition to the compact size, searchlights offer strong beams with low power consumption. This way they can be plugged into any standard outlet or even be powered by a portable generator if there is no direct power supply at the venue.
High-powered  can be configured to operate on an automatic rotation or remain static for the duration of the event. This way, these searchlights will not only serve as a marketing tool to encourage more participants but also add a taste of fun to the event itself.

To find out more about searchlight rentals for fall events, contact - 1(800)474-7827 or

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Advertising Inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers

Advertising Inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers

Advertising inflatables make great advertising vehicles for all kinds of advertisers and that is why they have become so very popular today.
Of what benefit are these inflatables to any business?

These are actually huge balloon like objects that are used to advertise. They can be in the form of balloons, tents, bounce houses, blimps and so many other forms.
How can this help you with your business – well it can help you get all the attention that you want and create a brand awareness.
Need a Balloon 1(800)474-7827 or

Monday, September 18, 2017


REPLACE SIGN SPINNERS WITH GIANT INFLATABLE AIR DANCER ADVERTISING ARROWS has recently released a game changer in the inflatable advertising industry. Are you currently using air dancers and looking for something outside of the box? Check out the inflatable giant arrow. AirDancers Giant SALE arrow is compatible with your Air Dancers 18in, 3 adjustable speed Air Dancer Blower. This dynamic inflatable is exactly what you’re looking for to turn heads. Featuring 3 individual tube dancers that reach 15ft tall projecting from the top of the dancing arrow. The inflatable giant arrow is ideal for a location with limited space, directing traffic to hard to find entrances, or any other scenario where someone's attention needs to be grabbed. Chose from our two most popular in stock colors or create your own custom Arrow. 
Create Your Own: Customize your own giant inflatable arrow by choosing your message. We can make the letters slightly smaller and use multiple lines of text. Dream it up, will take care of the rest. Match your business color by picking from our 8 available in stock colors to decide arrow, text color, and tube dancer colors. 

Star Advertising continues to be the pioneer of innovation in the dynamic inflatable industry, not only for air dancers, but all inflatables. Please contact  to get yours shipped out today.

Searchlight Rentals can Bring in The Crowd You Want

Searchlight Rentals can Bring in The Crowd You Want

Today, there are searchlights for rent for more effective event marketing. Searchlight rentals can bring in the crowd you want because they turn heads and draw attention to any nighttime event. The beam of light produced by this equipment can be seen for a mile in every direction. This means that everyone around will know about your event and the search lights can lead them to your location.
In addition to running radio and television ads and sharing posts online to promote your nighttime event, you can bring in the crowd with the help of Searchlight rentals are available in different sizes with various types of light beams at an affordable price. The return on investment is always worth the rental fee through "Wow factor", effectiveness and positive results.

Once the radio ads have played, the television ads have run, and the print ads have been read, the marketing technique that draws attention to your event is searchlight rentals. And fortunately, they are easy to rent prior to the event and even on the day of. They are a cost-effective way to increase foot traffic to any nighttime event.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Searchlight Rental Bring in the Crowd You are Looking for

One way of measuring event success is by the number of attendees; the larger the crowd, the more successful the event. Promotional and advertising techniques have evolved over the past decade, but even so searchlight rentals remain a classic advertising tool that are in demand for night events such as fair, festivals, and grand openings.
For those who have not taken advantage of searchlight rentals, they broadcast giant light beams dancing in the night sky during events. They can be seen for miles, attracting the attention of every one around. This is a popular marketing strategy for immediate. effective, and guaranteed visibility—this rental equipment catches the attention of those who see it to draw them in.

When considering searchlights, know that they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Companies can choose a searchlight for rent that matches the mood or theme of the event. Mix and match a variety of color or add a simple cut-out design in the beam, then adjust the movement of the beams accordingly. This makes using searchlights effective and customized for the event while being more enticing to those who see it.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Reusable Heliumless Balloons

 Reusable Balloons are the helium-free, durable, always shiny, and reusable alternative to traditional helium tank balloons. Let the air out of those old cloudy limp traditional latex balloons and those leaky half floating mylar balloons, and replace them with low cost high impact Star Advertising reusable plastic indoor balloons.