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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Memorial Day Sale ! Flag Your Target Audience Down With One Of Our Air Dancers

Flag Your Target Audience Down With One Of Our Air Dancers

The beauty behind an air dancer is their ability to flag the right niche of people down. They are an advertisement that can show off a product or service, eventually drawing the right crowd in for a purchase. So whether you manage or own a business, you'll love what our air dancers can do for you. They have been proven to flag target audiences down from several blocks away from the appropriate establishment. Now for under a couple hundred bucks... doesn't this sound like a great way to advertise your product and/or service? 
An air dancer from us is made of the highest quality materials and constructed with precision-based efforts. One of our twenty-footers that are pre-lettered are fantastic options for people with everyday businesses. The material they are made from is very strong polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin. The bottom of the air dancer is constructed of 600D pvc/nylon. This makes for a really strong and durable air dancer.

We know you'll love all the customers that will come into your store and tell you that they came in due to the giant 20 ft air dancer. This sort of aspect to advertising has been overlooked over the past decade, especially with the popularity of the internet. Anyhow, what most marketing ploys don't take into account, is the amount of people that drive by businesses and never know they even exist. Fortunately for our customers, they can buy a giant air dancer to cure this problem!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Advertising inflatables has more power than you can imagine

Advertising inflatables has more power than you can imagine
Advertising inflatables have more power than you can imagine and this is a fact that has been proven time after time.

Advertising Inflatable
A great way to advertise for sure
In the fast paced and hectic world that we live in, people no longer have the time or the patience or the inclination to see advertisements the way the used to do so in the good old days. As a result of this, advertising in media such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc., just makes no sense at all. And in fact, advertising in such media is just a waste of money a tremendous waste in fact, it costs a fortune to advertise in such media.
On the other hand, one of the best ways to advertise is outdoor advertising. This is a great way to advertise without having to pay the high costs of advertising.
It is cheap to advertise by making use of advertising inflatables!
Big conglomerates as well as small business owners are now finding that advertising outdoors by using giant inflatables has a tremendous impact on people. No matter what a person may be doing walking down the street, driving by, cooking at home, working at the office the person will always look at the huge inflatable. This is because people are drawn to these giant advertising inflatables  it is something that happens by instinct.
Also, such a form of outdoor advertising is real cheap when compared with other advertising media. Most advertising media are as good as unaffordable to small or even medium size businesses. But these businesses can very easily advertise by making use of giant balloons as these inflatables cost hardly anything.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Giant balloons capture the attention of potential customs

Giant balloons capture the attention of potential customs

Giant Balloons for Promotions.

Giant balloons capture the attention of potential customers and current ones too, of this you can be sure.
Giant Balloons for Promotions!
What is the main purpose of advertising
But obviously the main purpose of advertising would lie in capturing the attention of people. Capturing their attention and then getting them to buy from you. But the first step would lie in you being able to get their attention.
 today, is not at all easy. This is because we live in a world that is now far more complex and people do And getting the attention of anybody not have the time to notice things like advertising. And this is why it no longer makes any sense to advertise in expensive ad media such as magazines, newspapers, TV, billboards, radio, etc.

Friday, May 12, 2017

6ft-10ft-20ft American Flag USA Air Dancer

6ft-10ft-20ft American Flag USA Air Dancer

The always popular American Flag air dancer now comes in the 6ft,10ft, 20ft tall and 18inch and 12inch diameter size.  This 1 0f American Flag air dancer fits the LOW 18inch and 12inch blower and is perfect for smaller retail stores or events.  Show you businesses patriotism this summer with the most visible, attractive, and dynamic American Flag on the market.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Let There Be Light! Check out STAR ADVERTISING Brand New LED Light Kit

Let There Be Light! Check out STAR ADVERTISING  Brand New LED Light Kit

Let there be light!   Star Advertising is now offering a newly redesigned LED Light Kit for 20' and 10' Air Dancers. Strap this baby on to the grill of your 18" or 12" blower, attach the Air Dancer of your choice, and let it shine. These new LED Light Kits a must have !

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Seattle Tacoma Inflatable Gorilla Rentals

Seattle Tacoma Inflatable Gorilla Rentals

Advertising inflatables increase sales.

Advertising inflatables increase sales.

For those who are hosting events and using the Advertising inflatables there are a few things that this does for them. Not only is it a catchy way to draw attention to the event that you are hosting but it allows you to order a customized advertising inflatable. You will be able to make it something that you will want to use over and over again. The advertising inflatable can either be blown up using helium to float in the air or there are now ones that do not require helium and are blown up by a small air machine that will keep a continuous flow of air into the advertising inflatables and allows for these to be used over and over again. Make sure these are secured, if the wind catches it, it will be easy for it to blow away

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Star Advertising Now Carries RC Blimps

Blimps come in all shapes and sizes. There are inflatable blimps that range from 7ft to 30ft and can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the size of your venue. There are also remote control blimps (rc blimps) that often fall between 10ft and 20ft. These types types of advertising blimps are used at a event like a grand opening or special event.