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Friday, December 21, 2012

Key Facts To Know Before Renting A Searchlight
Promotional searchlights are by far the best way to promote a nighttime event. They provide both distance marketing as well as create an atmosphere of excitement. There are a few things you should be aware of before contacting a searchlight rental company. Below are key facts you should know before renting a searchlight.  Below I’ll outline the facts as questions and give the answer and then follow up  on the correct answer.
1. What type of weather is best for using searchlights?
a). Clear night sky.
b). Partly cloudy sky.
c). Heavy clouds.
The right answer is B. Although searchlights work great in any of the above scenarios, partly cloudy skies are the best and here is why. The lowest clouds form at just over one mile in the sky. Good quality searchlights can produce beams that are over 6 miles long. Partly cloudy conditions are usually formed from cloud types that form lower in the atmosphere.  Because the light beam is six miles long, the beams can easily reach the clouds. When the beam hits the clouds it actually lights up the part of the cloud it hits. This causes a really cool affect. You would thing that heavily clouded nights would make this an even cooler affect. It does, but the heavier clouds also disperse the beam a bit more, which slightly detracts from the distance a promotion  factor.
2. How far away can the beam of light be seen?
a. 1 mile away.
b. 3 miles away.
c. 25 miles away.
 This is a bit of trick question. All three are correct. Any decent searchlight should be able to be seen a minimum of 3 miles away. There is a three mile radius around any event that is critical for promotional purposes. If you rent a searchlight that cannot at a minimum produce a beam viewable 3 miles away, then you have likely wasted your money.  You should not expect such results from standard searchlights. On average the light beam produced by a promotional searchlight can be seen from 3 to 12 miles away. And, when the conditions are right they can be seen as far away as 15 miles.
3. How much does it cost rent one promotional searchlight.
a. $100.00 a night.
b. 500.00 a night.
c. $1000.00 a night.
If you chose “b,” then you are correct. On average promotional searchlights can cost between $350 and 600 dollars per night. Yes, you can rent them for as little as $100 dollars a night, you get what you pay for. Besides, they are not really searchlights but theatrical spot lights that have been repackaged. If you rent those you will be disappointed.  Last, There is one type of searchlight that cost $1000 a night, a refurbished WWII searchlight. It is unlikely that you will need such a big promotional light.
As long as you understand that a decent promotional searchlight can work very well in just about any weather, its beam should be viewable at least 3 miles away and should not cost more than $600 a night, then you are well ahead of the game.
 Star Advertising. We hope you have enjoyed reading it. Good luck with your event.