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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Which Christmas inflatables do you wish to get for your house, this Christmas?

Which Christmas inflatables do you wish to get for your house, this Christmas?

These attractive inflatables are so popular that you might see them not only on houses or yards, but also on stores, parking lots, offices, etc. Suddenly, while walking down the street you might see a gigantic Santa waving at you or some flying sled on top of the roof or an enormous candy cane sticking out of nowhere. You just can help but notice it and admire its awesome vibrancy. The most popular inflatable item sold during Christmas is Santa, in various poses and sizes.
There are other inflatable items too which look strikingly attractive, like the huge vivid colored castle, reindeer, the sled, candy canes, penguins, polar bears, Christmas trees, turkeys, super heroes, etc. People usually get awe struck by these inflatables because of their enormity and the vibrancy of their colors and the matching lights to make them sparkle in the nights. Due to the extreme popularity of these Christmas blowups, people have started using various other blowups during other festive occasions too.
If you want to get into the festive Christmas groove instantly, you need to decorate your home with Christmas inflatables.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lighted Advertising Blimps

Lighted Advertising Blimps

Lighted advertising blimps. USA made helium advertising blimps with internal LED light.

Affordable Lighted Advertising Blimps

We have affordable internally lighted advertising blimps that will attract attention to your store or event.

15ft yellow helium advertising blimp with internal LED light and removable, rechargeable battery. Light will work at full power for 10 – 12 hours.
Email: mailto:starpro1@frontier.comfor light blimps.
Our LED internally illuminated advertising blimps are made of polyurethane, not PVC, so they fly much better and require much less helium.
Our 10ft blimp only requires 72 cubic feet of helium and will fly well in wind up to 20MPH.
Our light blimps are easy to use. Battery pack has simple one plug to install and includes a remote control.
LED lighted advertising blimps 10ft – 30ft.
Call 1-800-474-7827  for lighted helium blimps and lighted advertising balloons.
Email us mail: for advertising balloons and promotional blimps with internal LED lights.
In larger balloons and blimps you may want to have two lights to provide extra brightness.
We have been able to see blimps, having only one internal LED light, from 2.5 miles at night in the city. An extra internal light would really make it bright.
Give us a call at 1-(800) 474-7827 for light balloons and light blimps that fly well and are affordable.
Great for car dealerships, off site sale, promotions.

Rent Holiday Inflatable in Seattle

Rent Holiday Inflatable in Seattle Area.
CALL 1(800) 474-STAR for Holiday Inflatable in your area.

 Santa Air Dancers & Feather Flags

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas Santa inflatables are just what you need

Christmas Santa inflatables are just what you need

As people all over the neighborhood would be setting up all kinds of beautiful lights and decorations, how do you ensure that you stand out? A great way to do so is by setting up large blowups for Christmas, in your house, in your backyard or even at your business place.

You will get these blowups in so many different sizes and shapes and the best part is that they are priced extremely economically. You can buy these giant Christmas blowups in the shape of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Snowmen, Disney characters, Reindeer and various other fun Xmas characters.

Happy Holidays Grow Your Business! Advertise With Our Air Dancers and Flags Today

A great way to spread the holiday cheer this season is with the Santa Air Dancers. Pair our 10ft Santa Air Dancer or 15ft Santa Air Dancer with the LED light kit to go along with your holiday decorations and Christmas lights. Inflatables and Air Dancers are a great addition to any yard come holiday season. The 6ft Santa Air Dancer can be used indoors too! They're great for any family or office holiday themed party. 
The Holiday Feather Flags go great with any holiday themed decorations at your location! The 5ft Holiday Feather Flags and 12ft Holiday Feather Flags are a perfect way to bring attention to your business this winter. 
Star Advertising collection of Air Dancers and Feather Flags are great for decorating your house, front lawn, business location, tree lot, or holiday event.

Happy Holidays!