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Friday, April 25, 2014

Do you want your products or services to be noticed?

Do you want your products or services to be noticed? Do you want your company or business to be recognized? What better way can you find, than an inflatable balloon with your advertisement displayed! You may be wondering, why not television, radio, or the internet as your medium of marketing. Well, the answer is plain and simple; people notice the unusual. The usual media sources for marketing are television, radio or the internet which almost everyone uses. However, very few use the medium of advertising balloons. Therefore, there is a high possibility that your Ad will be noticed and even considered by the general public. For more information on advertising through inflatables, you can contact us on our toll free number 800-474-STAR or call us at 425-908-7934 or You can also email us at
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Using Advertising Big Balloons in Business Promotions

Using Advertising Big Balloons in Business Promotions 
It has always been known that advertising is the secret to success in any business. The more you put your message and company logo in front of consumers the more they will learn to recognize your business or your brand.

Can you even imagine TV commercials without any brand names? It would be totally useless if there were just ads for red shirts, blue pants, and sandwiches. All the commercials would end up being the same and no one would pay any attention to them. Commercials need to be created so they attract attention and the message stays in the consumers mind or causes them to take action.

Big balloon advertising can bring about the same effect as a commercial. They are more personal because you can put smaller balloons right in the hands of the person who needs the products and if you use a larger blimp type balloon the effect is the same.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Outdoor balloons are great for branding your business.

Outdoor balloons are great for branding your business.

Outdoor balloons are great for branding your business, whether a big business or whether a small business, these balloons have a tremendous impact.
Make the most of any occasion.
Whether you are having a brand launch or a special event or just about anything and you want to get the maximum notice-ability for your business, then you can make sure that you get all the attention that you want by advertising on giant balloons outdoors.
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Giant Balloons are Inexpensive as well !

Giant balloons are inexpensive as well!

Another big plus with these big balloons is that they are affordable to all kinds of advertisers and one does not need to have a million dollar budget to use this advertising media. Thus, even any advertiser with almost no budget to advertise can use these giant balloons to make people aware of their products or services.
Plus, if an advertiser wants to make use of a giant inflatable to advertise and he or she does not have the money to buy one, that is not a problem either. The advertiser can always rent a balloon – and this can be very inexpensive.