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Advertising Balloon
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Advantages of Advertising Balloons

Advantages of Advertising Balloons

1. Big
An advertising balloon can be seen miles away and even if one cannot make out the name of the product being advertised, one will surely be curious enough to turn around and really see what is flying over the horizon. This is a great way to reach a wider set of audience. You can reach people who are plying the streets of the metro as well as the highways. You can reach people within office buildings as well as those that work outside.

2. Unique
As mentioned previously, advertising with a balloon is still a novel concept. Because of this, advertising balloons are more likely to catch peoples attention and not only that, because of the novelty factor, they are more likely to be retained in peoples minds.

3. Branding
Who says an advertising balloon can be shaped in just one way? Actually, specialized advertising balloons that are shaped like the product being advertised may also be used. This way, one do not have to actually see the product name from miles to know that what is being advertised. This is a great way for branding and creating awareness about the appearance of the product.

4. Mobile
Unlike other forms of advertisements such as print ads, TV ads or billboards, advertising balloons are mobile. It is not fixed in just one vantage point. Although it can be tied so that it would not drift away, advertising balloons can be seen from different directions.

5. Cheap
It may not seem at first but advertising balloons are actually cheaper than billboards. And for something that reaches a wider audience as compared to billboards, which are fixed or magazines, which cater to a specific target market, advertising balloons are well worth your advertising expenses.

6. A cut above the rest
Imagine this: you and perhaps one or two, or maybe 10 other establishments are along a road. How do you get passers by notice you and stop? That's easy. While your competitors have probably dressed up their exteriors with colorful signs and what nots, get an advertising helium balloon to float over your establishment. This way, your balloon advertisement is seen miles away and will definitely tower over the rest-pun intended.

7. Light as a balloon
Using helium balloons is a cost effective means to advertise a product or service. It's fun and attractive and is hard to miss so you're sure that you've made the right investment. There are a lot means and ways to advertise a product and service but not all these methods assure that you will get the attention of your target market. With something as unique and large as a helium balloon, it's difficult to go wrong.

8. Mobile advertisement
Remember that you don't have to float your helium balloon over your establishment. Be bold and creative and float it over areas with high traffic where your advertisement will be hard to miss. You can't do that with other means of static advertising. This is why advertising with helium balloons are a smart choice.

9. Fly high
Advertising with helium balloons is the best way for you translate your products or services into actual profit. As your helium balloon advertisement flies high, so does your sales and satisfied customers of this service will tell you that sales have been on an upward trend ever since they decided to take advantage of advertising with helium balloons.

10. The best for the best
Knowing that using helium balloons for your advertising needs is not you need to know. You also need to know where to get the best helium balloons that are cost effective and from durable from reliable sources. For instance, if you are within the United States, it would be better for you to order a helium balloon from a manufacturer in the States rather than order one from India or China.

This way, you can save on shipping plus your chances of getting stuck in customs are nil. Imagine that if for one reason or another, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will have to resend the shipment and wait again for the replacement, meantime, incurring costs and more delays through customs. This is more hassle that you ever need to deal with.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Advertising balloons differ greatly

A great medium to promote a new product, service or business is through the use of giant advertising balloons. These unique products are often much more cost-effective than other types of advertising, and offer the advantage of ownership; companies can often purchase their own custom-made advertising balloon for less than the cost of renting a billboard for a month. Advertising balloons can be manufactured to your exact specifications and many may be illuminated at night to provide additional exposure for your product or business. Giant advertising balloons are whimsical and memorable. They attract attention and comment, creating valuable word-of-mouth "buzz" as well as a positive impression of the company or service.

Balloons can be used to advertise a special sale, to increase presence in the local community, and to promote a company during a special event or trade show. They can be used on rooftops, in parking lots, or floating overhead to provide maximum visibility and publicity. Advertising balloons can even be constructed to form a kiosk or inflated display for use in large venues; this can be an inexpensive alternative to traditional booths or display units while ensuring that visitors remember the company logo and message. Some companies even offer balloon costumes that can be worn outdoors to attract attention and business for the company.

inBecause companies vary widely in their needs, there are many types of advertising balloons available. Custom shapes and sizes are available, along with tethered advertising blimps and other standard balloon configurations. Remote-controlled blimps are also available, though these are not to be used in high wind conditions. Giant balloons designed to be secured to the roof of the company are increasingly popular. Depending on the location, these large-scale advertisements may be visible for miles and, in fact, may become local landmarks. Another popular choice is the "tube dancer" model, which moves in the wind and seems to dance almost like a person; it is certain to catch the eye of passing motorists and to attract attention for the
business it advertises.

Sealed-air inflatables are most often used as hanging balloons suspended from awnings or ceilings, and are available in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes. Helium balloons are, as their name suggests, filled with helium and designed to float overhead; parade balloons are a type of helium balloon, and attract appreciative crowds as they float along the designated route.

Advertising balloons differ greatly in quality and durability depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the balloon. Thicker material does not mean it will be a better balloon. While some balloon and blimp manufacturers use 3.5 mil or 6 mil polyurethane for their balloons many companies still use the old 18 mil PVC which is heavier, a bad quality for balloons, and more porous than polyurethane. Buyers should avoid the purchase of PVC advertising balloons, since PVC is a known carcinogen. Most balloons imported into the USA are made of PVC and should be avoided. Choose a USA balloon manufacturer.

A business that desires to derive the most benefit from their advertising balloon purchase, it is advisable to order the balloon from a reputable USA based manufacturer. The balloon manufacturer should only use high quality materials for its construction and that guarantees its products against defect and fadg. A good quality advertising balloon can return your investment many times and bring traffic and customers to your business

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Air Dancers Inexpensive Advertising

You can set your air dancer anywhere. You can set them up in a fair, stadium or even at the entrance of your service center. However, it is best for your marketing campaign if you set your dancers in a place where you can assure that they will attract most attention. That place can be a roof of a prominent building or a vehicle bearing the trademark or logo of your company.

Another advantage of air dancers is that you can easily wrap them up and put them away for later use, if your marketing campaign is over. They can come in handy later and you would be able to save yourself all the costs that are needed to set up an effective advertisement.
Choosing an air dancer to advertise your product can be a very profitable if used wisely. Air dancers are a very good means of marketing and save you all the money, which you will need if you choose to go with any other way of advertising. Advertise your service via an air dancer and wait for the door of fame and fortune to open for you to lead you on the glorious path of success!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Business Advertising
Business Advertising
Businesses are in constant search of new ideas and techniques.
A novel marketing technology for promoting the sales of products by using balloons has proven to be a great traffic building tool. Today balloons are not just a kid’s play as it is used for different purposes such as advertising and events. The advertising balloons are used as a fantastic way to attract the attention of people and an effective tool for sales promotion. Moreover it is comparatively less expensive when compared to other mediums of marketing. Balloons made of different colors, shapes, and sizes catch the attention of a normal person. This method is gaining popularity as an effective sales promotional tool.
Most of the manufacturers produce high quality, durable and efficient balloons for multi-purposes. It is an inexpensive way to create traffic to a business or event.  advertising balloons are available in three varieties such as helium advertising balloons, cold air advertising balloons, and sealed air advertising balloons. Advertising blimps are elongated shaped balloons filled with helium and have the advantage of targeting in a particular location. 
13 ft. advertising blimp with lettering – $1029.00
These are flexible balloons which are very suitable for large scale businesses as they provide excellent creation of brand awareness. Another advantage of hot air balloons are, they can be visible from anywhere. The main advantage cold air balloons are; these large inflatable objects are available in different shapes, they are cheaper, and they can easily boost the sales of a product as they are positioned at eye level. Sealed air balloons are smaller balloons usually used in restaurants for the display of products. Cold air balloons made of vinyl coated nylon can rise up to 25 feet where as inflatable balloons will rise up to 30-35 feet. Sealed air advertising balloons made of heavy vinyl will rise up to 10 feet. In short the main advantage of using balloons for marketing purpose is that, it can attract the attention of millions of spectators who attend the balloon events.
Giant 25 ft. Cold-air balloon Eagle for sale or rent.
As these balloons create a lasting impression in the minds of people and can be used for various advertising campaigns, it is gaining immense popularity day by day. an effective sales promotional tool. Most of the manufacturers produce high quality, durable and efficient balloons for multi-purposes. It is an inexpensive way to create traffic to a business or event.  advertising balloons are available in three varieties such as advertising balloons, advertising balloons, cold air advertising balloons, and sealed air advertising balloons. Blimps are hot air balloons filled with helium and have the advantage of targeting in a particular location. These are flexible balloons which are very suitable for large scale businesses as they provide excellent creation of brand awareness.  In short the main advantage of using balloons for marketing purpose is that, it can attract the attention of millions of spectators who attend the balloon events. As these balloons create a lasting impression in the minds of people and can be used for various advertising campaigns, it is gaining immense popularity day by day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Balloons for Business

Balloons for Business
No matter what sort of business you own, it’s important to find a way to attract customers. There are lots of different marketing techniques that you might want to try. You can always go the traditional method- bill boards, print ads in the news paper, television and radio commercials, and a new coat of paint for your store front. But traditional, while often effective, can also be very boring. If you want to do something a little more interesting, you’ll want to think outside the box. Perhaps you might want to consider something more fun, like using giant balloons to promote your business.

advertising balloons are generally large inflatable versions of familiar cartoon characters or animals. For a small price, you can often rent a balloon like this for a period of time, or buy your own to have set up as permanent structure. These types of balloons add a sense of fun and whimsy to your business that traditional methods leave out.  Balloons are a great way to make your business more visible as well. If you happen to live in a crowded neighborhood, directing people to the giant inflatable purple monkey might prove to be a little bit easier that trying to give them your street address. Keep in mind though that while one or two matching balloons of reasonable size can be fun and appropriate, too many and you start to look silly. Minimize your use of advertising balloons to one or two, and only use them if you aren’t trying to maintain a highly sophisticated business air. With the right use of giant balloons, you may see an increase in your business volume, and new customers may come in to see what’s going on, now that you’re company looks more fun and inviting that ever before.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giant Logo Balloons Get You Noticed!

Giant Logo Balloons Get You Noticed!

Giant Logo Balloons
Many companies are nowadays at a loss when it comes to getting the attention of people to look at their products or services. But, an easy way to attract people’s attention is with the use of giant balloons.
Promotional events are not eye catch

There are many companies which turn to promotional events as a means of getting publicity to their company. But, even though promotional events may hold some kind of appeal, it is still tough to get the attention of people, with such kinds of events. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that these events have now become too common and too many, as such people are just tired of them.
So, having a promotional event is no kind of guarantee that people are going to pay attention to whatever it is that you may be promoting.

What you need is eye-catchers like giant balloons
People are really far too engrossed with their lives today. There are so many responsibilities (read burdens!) to be taken care of, that people hardly have the time to notice what is going on around them, unless of course, it is something that really gets their attention.
A promotional event is great for any business that is looking to get new customers. But, as promotional events are quite common, something more is called for today. Something that really catches the eye of people, even if they are just driving through! And, as an advertiser and marketer, you can very easily attract the attention of people by using giant advertising balloons.
What can inflatable <a title="advertising balloons” href=””>advertising balloons do for you business?
It would be more apt to say, what can these types of balloons not do for your business. Believe it or not, people just love these balloons and whenever they chance upon them, they cannot help but stop and take notice of them. These balloons are definitely a great way of capturing the attention of any person.
It is believed that people like these balloons and find them very appealing because of the kind of memories that are associated with balloons. People tend to associate balloons with good feelings and good thoughts, thus whenever they come across a balloon, no matter what the shape, the size or the location, people have a very pleasant feeling about it.
The perfect attention getter you could ever want
As such, people definitely tend to pay attention to a balloon and if it is real huge, then you can bet on it that it is definitely not going to escape their attention. Now, just imagine your logo spread across, these giant balloons and people looking at the balloon and your logo. What better way could you ask of to bring attention to your product or service?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Power Marketing

advertising balloons: Power Marketing
A flash of color floating across the sky. Eyes instinctively dart upwards, following the bright object with interest and wonder. The power of flight coupled with the genius of marketing: an advertising balloon. Simple in concept, yet effective in advertising a product. Billboards are ignored, newspaper ads are thrown away, and commercials are fast-forwarded through. In a consumer culture filled with people that try to ignore the marketing that jumps at them from every medium, how can businesses find creative solutions to get their product advertised?

Power marketing with advertising balloons.
While they may seem a silly or trivial solution, they are powerful. The balloons are brightly colored and simple. They give a product name without crowding the consumer’s thoughts with facts or claims. Eyes are naturally attracted to bright colors, and thus advertising balloons ensure people will look at them, whether by unconscious instinct or conscious decision. Americans want to believe that they are the greatest. It is that notion of American exceptionalism that drove our founders to fight for independence; that drove inventors to create what was once fantasy; that drives citizens today to want to be better than each other. An advertising balloon is a simple reminder of everything that makes us American. USA made giant balloons will help drive people to your store or event.

The balloon, the power of flight, it reminds us of our technological advances over other nations. The advertisement, the power of marketing, it reminds us of our capitalistic might dominating the globe. In short, advertising balloons remind those who instinctively view them of our collective history and our great power. No matter what the product on the balloon is – the name will stick in the consumer’s mind after seeing the balloon. There is power in simplicity, power in reminding us where we came from, and thus, there is power in the advertising balloon. In an age of global economic competition in television and print, returning to the simplicity of the advertising balloon may be the best choice.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Using Advertising Balloons To Get Noticed

Using Advertising Balloons To Get Noticed
Are you considering promoting your business? You may wish to think about advertising balloons. When people think of these balloons, they think of large blimps and big sport events. You do not have to be that elaborate to get the attention of the public. There are many ways to utilize balloons for your advertising needs.
What type of balloons are you looking for? This may depend on the type of business that you run. Balloons can be customized to your specifications. Are you in the communications or electronics business? How about a large TV or cell phone in front of your doors? You will get the attention of everyone that passes by your business. A large balloon does not require straining to read. It will make it simple for your customer to recognize you.
Fixed type balloons are very good for making your business part of the community. Do you have an icon or a mascot for your business? A large balloon in that image will let the public know where you are. It can become a landmark in the community. When people give directions, they will describe your icon, as a place to turn or stop. This kind of thing will stick in people’s minds. That is a good way to achieve your advertising objectives.
Is the business new? You may wish to have a grand opening. A large balloon can be seen for a long ways. It can be in the shape of many things. It can have your grand opening message on it. This will also work for a special sale. This may bring many people to your establishment out of curiosity. Once there, they may decide to see what you have to offer.