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Friday, November 20, 2020

Holiday Air Dancers and Feather Flags

Are you thinking about adding to your holiday decoration arsenal this year? Why not go big or go home (or even better, go big at home)? Large outdoor Christmas decorations are fun, unique and leave people talking about your holiday decorations for years to come. If you’re a business owner, large commercial Christmas decorations are actual a fantastic marketing strategy because well, people talk about you and how awesome your decorations are. Word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising that results in sales, so getting people to talk is what you want! Check out these ideas for commercial Christmas decor. 

Elf Air Dancers for the Holidays Comes in 20ft, 10ft, 6ft

The Elf Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man attachment comes with specialty printed Elf features. At 20ft tall when assembled onto a blower fan, this Air Dancers brand inflatable tube man requires an 18” diameter  Get your business noticed this winter holiday season.


  • • 1 20ft Elf themed Air Dancers® inflatable tube man (as pictured)
  • • 1 Air Dancers carrying case
  • • The dynamic movement helps attract attention and bring in new customers
  • • Highest quality & longest lasting material


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

20ft Air Dancer Red with Black Arms Inflatables Tube Dancers


20ft Air Dancer Red with Black Arms Inflatables Tube Dancers

Red With Black Arms 20ft Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man attachment has been designed to attract maximum attention. The two color scheme utilized on this 20 foot tall 18” diameter tube guy attachment will increase the visibility of your business. 20ft tall Air Dancers inflatable tube men are among the best street side advertising tools, with a track record of proven results. 
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20ft American Eagle Inflatable Balloon


20ft American Eagle Inflatable Balloon

Giant Inflatable Eagle Advertising Character by Star Advertising.  The giant inflatable eagle is an unbelievable way to draw attention to your businesses sale or event. Popular with auto dealers and furniture retail locations, this Giant Inflatable Eagle figure is designed and produced by Star Advertising Inc.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Men Bride Groom

Check out our ever growing collection of 20ft Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Men. These full size kings of the sky are guaranteed to get you noticed. At up to twenty feet tall, this is the inflatable advertising tool that started it all. Click below to shop today.

Outdoor reusable balloons

Outdoor reusable balloons promote an exciting environment for your upcoming sale or event, but won’t wilt fade or pop like the short lived traditional helium balloon will. Choose from a wide selection of configuration kits to display an ever growing list of preprinted in-stock balloon colors and designs, or design your own custom balloons.
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Friday, March 27, 2020



Help your customers feel safe while complying with current health and safety codes with the Social Distancing Floor Adhesives. These floor stickers can be placed on the floor of your business using the adhesive backing, which also allows for repositioning. Printed in full color hi-res 600dpi, it also boasts a non-slip surface. Printed on the bright yellow adhesive are the words "PLEASE WAIT HERE" and "Keep Your Social Distance - 6 Feet", along with a set of footprints.  1 (800) 474-STAR

Friday, February 28, 2020

20ft Blue Gorilla | Holding Car | Inflatable | Balloon | Free Shipping

Giant Blue Gorilla  This 20ft tall giant inflatable gorilla will get your business or sale noticed like no other product or service can.  Made of heavy duty reinforced material with Stainless steel D-rings through, this huge inflatable figure will grab your customers attention day-in and day-out.  Is your business putting on a "Monster Sale"?  If so, what better way to get word out than for a 20ft tall giant monster gorilla to let your customers know.  Cheaper than an online advertising campaign, cheaper than a week of a sign spinner, our 20ft tall giant blue gorillas make financial sense and flat out work!
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 Estimated Custom Production Time is 10-14 Business Days
Giant Inflatable Blue Gorilla Comes With:
  • Giant inflatable Blue gorilla 
  • Tether lines
  • Blower
Details of Giant Inflatable Blue Gorilla & Blower Set:
  • Height of Giant Inflatable Character - 20ft tall
  • Giant character material: Premium Vinyl 8oz.
  •  Color & shape of giant inflatable character
  • We can create custom. Non-stock giant inflatables add additional cost & lead time
  • Want to really customize your Gorilla